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Memar Memar Residence

Winner of the Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association "Grand" Award for Residential Landscape Installation, this private oasis even has its own special place for children..

Memar The Playhouse

The landscape for the Playhouse won 1st Place in the 2009 Project Playhouse Charity of Atlanta. The playhouse became the centerpiece of a children's storybook garden behind the owner's main home.

Monte Carlo Monte Carlo

This Mediterranean villa features pool and hardscape installations by Michael Jackson. The structured boxwood hedges, hand selected Japanese Maples and Crape Myrtles add color and texture.

Uzialko Uzialko Residence

An award winner, this landscape was designed to preserve and enhance the privacy created by existing trees on this wooded lot. A pool and custom koi pond enhance the cool serenity of the rear yard.

blackland Blackland Road Estate

A showcase for Michael Jackson's signature large tree division, this estate features 14" caliper Willow Oaks, matching 12' x 12' Bloodgood Japanese Maples and a dozen 35' -tall Cryptomeria.

MJLintro Years of Experience

There is no replacement for experience and the appearance of a landscape installed and maintained by Michael Jackson speaks for itself.

Large Trees Large Trees Are Our Specialty

It takes considerablel knowledge, experience and equipment to successfully transplant and nuture these magnificent giants.We are one of the few firms in the southeast that can get the job done.

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